Wholesale Terms

Order terms

The minimum order for free delivery is £200 ex VAT.

We supply businesses that meet a criteria and order on a regular basis. We will close down any account that has not placed an order for 182 days. We will reach out before closing any accounts.

Product images

The customer (your business) is allowed to use our product images on their websites and social media.

Shipping Terms

We will aim to ship all orders within 2-3 working days. This does not include weekends Saturday/Sunday or bank holidays additional time maybe added for unforeseen circumstances but we will inform you at checkout if this happens (such as courier strikes or our annual times off).

Social Media

Customers are required to refrain from using illegal, offensive, explicit, racially discriminatory language in their social media posts where MintKeeper is mentioned. The seller retains the authority to unilaterally terminate the wholesale agreement of any customer believed to have had an adverse effect without prior notification.

Due to fluctuations in exchange rate and product cost our pricing is subject to change at any time due we will make changed to the website accordingly.


Prices are confidential and must not be published anywhere. We will always be keeping a close eye on forums and online sites and it will lead to immediate termination of the customers wholesale account.

Reselling Permission

Amazon Sales Restriction

I acknowledges and agree that I am prohibited from selling or offering for sale any MintKeeper products on any Amazon platform, including but not limited to Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Amazon.de, Amazon.in, or any other international Amazon marketplace.

This Amazon Sales Restriction clause shall survive the termination or expiration of this agreement and shall remain in full force and effect.